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Deja Vu Surf Hawaii-Kapaa and Kukui Grove Center and Quiksilver/Roxy-Poipu are entities of M. Miura Store, Inc., which was founded by Mankichi Miura.  In 1907, Mankichi moved to Kauai from Japan to strike his fortune by working on the plantation.  He quickly found that toiling in the fields would not produce the riches he’d heard about that lured him to the islands.  Therefore, Mankichi decided that he would return to doing what he knew best, making Japanese sweets.  He did so, and sold his confections door-to-door from two tin cans hung from a pole that he carried on his shoulders.  In 1909, he opened a candy shop named M. Miura Store in Kapaa.  Through the years and with generations of Mankichi’s descendants at the helm, the store evolved from offering confections to a general store to a family clothing store and now to three stores offering surf wear, surf gear, and skate and urban wear and gear.

Today, M. Miura Store, Inc. is an award-winning company that is owned and operated by the fourth generation members of the Mankichi Miura family, siblings Tad Miura, Eric Miura, and Ann Yamamoto.  M. Miura Store, Inc. has a team of more than 30 hard working co-workers, including several of Mankichi’s fifth generation descendants.  Notably, M. Miura Store, Inc. won the prestigious 2006 U.S. Small Business Administration Family-Owned Small Business of the Year Award for the State of Hawaii and Region IX, which includes California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii and Guam.  The company is active in the community and dedicated to supporting Kauai’s youth, especially education, through volunteerism and extra-curricular activities.  Although Mankichi most likely never envisioned his small business as a surf and skate retail establishment, his commitment to offering quality products at fair value still holds true today and represents the foundation of this longtime local company for 108 years and counting.

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